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Network Status

Here you can find information about the status of our network.

Please check our Help section or feel free to contact us if you are experience any issues.

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Network Improvements

Unplanned outages

Here at Relish we do everything we can to keep our network as stable as possible so you can enjoy cracking service all year round. 

In 2017 we achieved 99.9% uptime. We only had 0.1% downtime on our entire network. A stat we’re pretty proud of. But keen to be better.

Sometimes outages are out of our hands, like a third-party fault, a power cut or a poltergeist. We also have planned outages, when we have scheduled work to make improvements or fix any issues.

We’ll only carry out work which could impact our customers if it’s necessary and will give you better broadband. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.

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