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Help and Support

Mobile Broadband Can I order more than one Pocket Hub?

If you need to order more than one Pocket Hub, please give us a call on 0330 686 6000 to place your order.

Do I need to charge my Pocket Hub?

We’ve already given your Hub’s battery a bit of a charge before we sent it your way so you can start using it straight away. Switch on your Pocket Hub and check your battery level in the top right corner of your Hub’s screen. When the Pocket Hub’s battery runs out eventually, charge it with the charger provided with it. Plug it into any electrical socket or use the micro USB cable to connect it to your PC or laptop to charge it that way. Read the Pocket Hub User Guide for more help.

When will I get my mobile broadband?

We offer next working day delivery in central London for orders placed before 4pm Monday to Friday as a standard. You can also choose named day delivery anytime, pre 10:30 and pre 12 noon. Once you receive your Pocket Hub, just switch it on and use it straight away. We have even given your Hub’s battery a little charge for you.