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Help and support

Home Broadband How secure is my WiFi connection?

Your connection is secured by Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), a security protocol for wireless computer networks. It provides authentication and encryption features that keep your network protected by a password. If you’re changing your password make sure it’s a strong password by using at least 15 characters with a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers.

Can I set up a parental control?

Relish is a member of the Internet Watch Foundation to protect all our customers from illegal and obscene content. As standard, your Relish service does not restrict adult content. If you have children or would simply like to restrict adult content, login to your account, go to Service and Settings and set up content lock or contact our customer care team 0330 686 8000. Due to the ever evolving nature of internet, there might be instances when you might come across content that you find suspicious. Please report it to the IWF authority.