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Help and Support

Business Broadband When will I get my Relish broadband?

We're always flexible, just in case you can't be. We offer next working day delivery as a standard, to the address of your choice in central London. When you order online or on phone, you also have the option to choose named day delivery anytime, and/or select timeslots (charges applied): pre 10:30 and pre 12 noon. Once you receive your Indoor Hub, just plug it in and use it straight away. Welcome to instant broadband.

Do I need a phone line?

No, we use wireless 4G technology so you don’t need a landline. Just plug your Indoor Hub into a power socket and you're connected. Hence you don’t have to pay for a phone line you’ll never use.

Will you charge me for installation?

We don’t charge any installation costs. Welcome to business broadband you can install yourself. You just plug it in and use it straight away. So there is no need for us to come and install it for you. Refer to our Indoor Hub User Guide to get started. And read in this FAQ section tips for the ideal spot to set up your Indoor Hub. Contact our customer care service anytime if you have questions 0330 686 8800.

Where should I place my Indoor Hub?

To get the best possible service from Relish you need to position your Indoor Hub in the ideal spot. Placing your hub on a high shelf, table or by the window might work well. Try to avoid placing your Hub near other electrical equipment. Baby monitors and cordless phones especially may cause interference. Check your signal strength displayed on the front of the hub at each of these spots to find the best one. Watch our video for help.

How do I set up my broadband?

Getting your Relish Indoor Hub up and running couldn't be easier. Plug your Hub’s power adapter into a plug socket. Press the power button and find a spot with the best signal. Got it? Now you can connect your device(s) and you’re ready to go!