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Help and support

Business Broadband Are there limitations for number of users?

You can connect up to 25 devices/users to one Relish Indoor Hub. Larger businesses may find our dedicated internet line product more suitable.

How do I connect my devices to the broadband?

There are 3 different ways to connect your device(s) to your broadband. Via WiFi: Search for available WiFi networks using your device and enter your WiFi key (these can be found on the label at the back of your Indoor Hub). Via WPS: If your device supports WPS (many tablets and smartphones do), press and hold the WPS button on the side of your Indoor Hub and then activate your device’s WPS. Via network cable: Plug a network cable to the LAN port on the Hub and the device you are using. Refer to our Indoor Hub User Guide for more help.

Where do I find my broadband network name and WiFi key?

Your broadband network name (SSID) and WiFi key (password) are displayed on a sticker at the bottom of your Indoor Hub. Refer to our Indoor Hub User Guide for more help.