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Your bill explained

Bills can be complicated, so here is a guide to explain everything you need to know about your first bill.

smaller bills

1. This might look more than you expect, but never fear there’s an explanation. This includes your first month’s bill, plus any extras if you joined part way through a month to make up the difference. Future bills will include only the monthly payment of your package. There’s a break down on the next page of the bill so you can see how it is calculated.

2. If you’ve chosen any optional extras you’ll see them here.


3. Here you can see the amount from when you first joined, until the start of your normal billing cycle.

4. This is the charge for your first full month. You always pay for the month in advance.

5. Here there would be a description of the extras that you may have chosen, for example; early delivery, paper bill, etc.

You can download the documentation here