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About us

Relish is a communications provider across central London and Swindon.

We’re dedicated to helping our customers get the most out of their day.

We know people and businesses are busy and always on the move, so our services help them get online quickly and easily at fast speeds without any hassle. We like to think of it as broadband, rebooted.

It’s all possible because of our dedicated 4G and wireless networks that is made for data, meaning we can do away with lots of things other providers need. With Relish, there’s no need to dig up the road or pay for a landline if don’t want one and everyone gets unlimited data.

What’s more, if you live in London, we’re the only broadband service can be delivered the very same day.

Relish is operated by UK Broadband Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Three UK. We provide 4G LTE and other wireless services in a number of cities, towns and commercial campuses for commercial enterprises, public sector organisations and channel partners throughout the UK.